University of Virginia Parking Structure

Charlottesville, Virginia

The Emmet Street Garage is located near the John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia campus.

The design criteria were strict and the budget was limited for this tough design-build project. Calling for demanding durability and corrosion resistant materials, CKC responded with a highly efficient and cost-effective precast structural design.

Determined to design an economical and cutting-edge solution, CKC engineers called for an alternative foundation support system using shallow spread footings founded on "Geopiers," in lieu of the deep drilled caissons recommended by the geotechnical engineer. This approach saved the University of Virginia approximately $750,000.

The Emmet Street Garage also posed many environmental challenges including the complete relocation of a stream that was originally within the parking structure's footprint. Through innovative engineering and creative design, the resulting structure was buildable, cost-effective, and delivered on time and on budget.