Alderwood Mall Parking Structure

Lynnwood, Washington

Alderwood Mall is a regional shopping mall in Lynnwood, Washington. It comprises both a traditional emclosed mall and two open-air areas known as The Village and The Terraces. Alderwood is Snohomish County's largest mall.

Two new parking structures were added to the site to accomodate expansion of the existing shopping center. Both three-story structures were designed with long-span cast-in-place framing to maximize the finished quality and minimize construction costs.

The owner's criteria required that exterior facades include exposed architectural concrete walls. CKC used these as shear walls and supplemented them with moment resisting frames. This innovative use of dual system reduced reinforcing requirements and allowed both structures to bear on pad footings and grade beams. Piling, originally anticipated for portions of the structures, were not required.

The project includes two skybridges, for which CKC also provided structural design, connecting the parking structures to Nordstrom and JC Penney stores.