Kenton County Parking Structure

Covington, Kentucky

Parking structures in Midwest climates take a beating. Road salts, freeze-thaw cycles, and thermal expansion/contraction all conspire to destroy unprotected structures.

CKC met this problem head-on in the design of the 1,600 car Kenton County Parking Structure. In a special concrete mix, microsilica was specified to densify the concrete and prevent the ingress of chlorides. Calcium-nitrite was used to create a passivating layer around the reinforcing steel and neutralize corrosion-causing chemicals.

Other major durability-enhancing features include a low water to cement ratio, and added concrete cover over the reinforcing steel. The result is a structure designed for durability and longevity in a harsh climate

To eliminate shear walls, lateral loads are carried by the transverse gravity frames and longitudinal ramps. This maximizes visibility and security, an important operational concern for large urban parking structures.