2201 Westlake/Enso

Seattle, Washington

2201 Westlake/Enso stands tall in the booming South Lake Union neighborhood. With a 12-story office building and a 19-story office/condominium tower, this mixed-use development turns heads with its boldness. The building was to include four different vertically stacked occupancies...parking, retail, office, and residential...without transfer beams.

The structural design of 2201 Westlake/Enso was an innovative solution to a highly challenging architectural program. It combines for the first time in one building, high strength 100 ksi reinforcing steel with an ultra long span post-tensioned floor system using a drophead design at the core. The drophead eliminated the majority of interior columns, dramatically improving design efficiency.

The end product was a structural frame that provided an ideal solution for a complex architectural program: high-end condominiums with long-span office space, spacious ground level retail, and user friendly subterranean parking. Floors one through five are interconnected.

2013 Award of Merit
Post-Tensioning Institute

2011 Best-in-State Silver Award
American Council of Engineering Companies

2009 Honorable Mention, Commercial Building
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

U.S. Green Building Council