Bellevue Place Hyatt Expansion
& Convention Center

Bellevue, Washington

The Hyatt Regency is one of the most successful hotels on the Eastside. Combining a desirable downtown location with the urban sophistication and high-end amenities that Hyatt is synonymous with, the original hotel's success created a need for expansion.

A 20-story hotel tower, utilizing an exposed and highly attractive concrete frame, was added to the north of the original complex and has succeeded beyond all expectations. In addition to the hotel tower, the addition includes five levels of subterranean parking, a 100,000 square foot grand ballroom, meeting rooms, office space, an exhibition hall, retail and restaurant space.

The tower's lateral force resisting system combines shear walls and ductile frames integrated with the unit layout. Common area framing consists of composite structural steel, with roof trusses spanning 120 feet.

Integrating the new structures into the existing Bellevue Place complex proved challenging. Through the efforts of a cohesive and experienced design and construction team, however, these challenges were successfully met.