Grove Hotel and Bank of America Centre

Boise, Idaho

The Grove Hotel and Bank of America Centre has become the focal point of social and sporting events in western Idaho. Prominently located in the heart of downtown Boise, the project has many components that meld together to create
a vibrant mix of services for the community.

The complex functional requirements of the Grove Hotel and Bank of America Centre required stacking several different occupancies --
hotel, ballroom, health club, condominium and subterranean parking -- within a single footprint. In addition, the adjoining 5000 seat hockey arena, for which CKC was also the structural engineer, was required to be functionally integrated with the hotel.

By carefully configuring the framing, CKC created a unique structural system that satisfied the demands of all uses with a minimum of transfer girders. The close working relationship between CKC, the architect and contractor resulted in buildable design, developed with contractor input throughout.

The project was completed on time and on budget.